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Our Veterinary Services

Our veterinarians are dedicated to providing quality care for your furry companions. From first checkups and vaccinations to essential surgeries, Northside Veterinary Clinic is here to help.

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Vaccinations & Prevention

Vaccinations help to protect your companion animal against many serious conditions and diseases. These crucial immunizations serve as a powerful defence, fortifying your pet's health and bolstering their resilience against potential threats. 

Parasite Prevention

Parasite prevention products help protect dogs and cats from a number of potential threats that can significantly impact their health and well-being. These preventive measures help ensure the long-term health of your furry companion.

Wellness Exams

Bringing your furry family member in for regular checkups plays a pivotal role in our ability to closely monitor your pet's overall health, and detect any potential issues early. Early detection allows us to provide treatment when it is most effective. 

Internal Medicine

Our veterinary professionals can diagnose and treat a wide range of internal conditions, disorders, or diseases. Internal medicine plays a crucial role in identifying and treating conditions such as diabetes, kidney diseases, and more.

Dental Care

Dental exams and cleanings are vital to help prevent dental issues in your dogs and cats. Our veterinarians provide expert guidance, ensuring your furry companions receive comprehensive dental care that helps preserve their teeth, gums, and overall health.


Our team of Lethbridge veterinarians proudly provide a wide range of elective and non-elective surgeries to meet the needs of dogs and cats in our community. We offer essential spay and neuter procedures, as well as non-elective surgeries such as C-sections, mass removals, and more.

Nutritional Counselling

We can help ensure your furry companions reach their optimal health with the right diet and nutrition. Our veterinarians in Lethbridge are here to assist you with making informed food choices for your beloved dog or cat.


We provide urgent veterinary care during our regular office hours. For emergencies after hours, on weekends or on holidays, we recommend calling Family Pet Hospital & 24-hour Emergency at (403) 320-5200.

New Patients Welcome

Northside Veterinary Clinic is accepting new patients! Our experienced veterinarians are passionate about the health of Lethbridge companion animals. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment for your furry friend.

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